How To Attract Students for Admission?

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It was reported that, in 2020, almost 75% of engineering seats in Tamil Nadu remained vacant even after three rounds of counselling. While engineering colleges have seen a reduction in demand, this is a troubling statistic for educational institutions everywhere. A significant reason for this disillusionment that students have about the value of a traditional university course is that when they graduate, they often realise that their colleges didn’t do enough to impart them with skills for the hyper-competitive job market. Many students end up enrolling for MOOCs to learn the skills that are in demand.

Educational institutions have had to digitise and modernise their course content to stay competitive in today’s digital era. Additionally, schools and colleges have to display their value proposition in unique and innovative ways to stand out in a crowded education market. Here are some tips on how to attract students for admission :

Implement A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Running advertisements on print and traditional media are no longer as impactful when conducting your institution’s outreach and marketing activities. Just as learning is being conducted online, school and university admissions and recruitment are also taking place remotely. This has made digital marketing a focal aspect of an institution’s overall marketing strategy. Investing in digital ads, both text and video, can help in expanding the reach of your awareness campaigns. Improving your SEO and social media presence will ensure that your institution always ranks at the top of online searches being made by prospective students. Use your digital presence to provide useful information to prospective applicants in a timely and innovative manner. Additionally, implementing a robust lead management strategy will help your institution stay at the top of your target demographic’s mind, right from when they begin to research about colleges and courses they are interested in until they decide to enrol as students.


Share Student Success Stories 

The achievements of your students, whether in academics, sports, debates, quizzes, student conferences and other notable competitions, is indicative of the quality of the education that the institution provides. Sharing the awards and accomplishments of present students and alumni is a great way of giving prospective students an idea of the kind of resources and opportunities they will have access to and the kind of success they might achieve once they graduate as students of your institution. Amplify these stories of success through your newsletters, blogs and social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


Tap Into Your Alumni Network

Alumni serve as representatives of their school or college to the outside world. Alumni are playing an increasingly important role in demonstrating the return on investment received from studying in that particular institution. They play an influential role in helping prospective students decide where to study. Talking to alumni and hearing about their personal experiences as students can give them a unique understanding of what the institution has in store for them. Reaching out to alumni members to volunteer as mentors and serve as ambassadors during the recruitment process can be key to meeting your admissions targets. Asking them to spread the word about positive student experiences on social media and participate in college fairs and engage with interested students and their parents can have a huge impact on students deciding whether to enrol at your institution.


Host Competitions and Events To Build Brand Awareness 

Organising inter-school sporting events, spelling bees, debates, quizzes, MUN conferences, dance competitions, musicals and plays to get the attention of aspiring students. Special carnivals and student fairs can help boost your institution’s standing in terms of extracurriculars and cultural activities and build your brand image. Hosting these competitions and special events can raise your profile amongst other institutions as well. 


Highlight Faculty Credentials and Achievements

The kind of faculty teaching at your school or college is a determining factor in whether prospective students apply and eventually enrol or not. Applicants also consider the credentials of faculty members when they are looking at courses to apply for. Highlighting their qualifications, past experience and accolades can add legitimacy and desirability to the courses they are teaching. Providing them with the resources and support to publish their research and academic work can improve the quality of research being conducted under your institution’s banner and have a positive impact on your standing on education ranking lists. You can also enlist faculty members to actively participate during campus tours, college fairs, webinars and outreach events to interact with those who are interested in applying.

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