Top Benefits of Implementing an Admission Management Software

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The typical admissions season involves parents and students waiting long hours at admissions offices to collect their application forms, scrambling to submit multiple forms and the required documentation before deadlines. On the other hand, the admissions teams at schools and colleges are under immense pressure to meet enrollment targets and process a massive number of applications in time. The onset of the pandemic has upended the entire admissions process and conventional academic year timelines. Despite this period of uncertainty, the whole admissions process no longer seems like a daunting task due to the variety of digital solutions available.

An admissions management software benefits both the applicants and admissions teams by making their journeys a seamless experience. It enables educational institutions to not just digitise, but enhance their entire admissions process.

Here are some of the key benefits of using an admission management software:

1. Paperless Workflow

Every organisation strives to achieve efficiency in all aspects of its operations. Paper-based admissions represent significant wastage of paper, stationery and physical space required to store applications. By taking your institution’s admissions operations online, you are not only saving money but also creating a safe and secure repository where applicant data can be stored and easily accessed by approved users, at any time. Making your admissions process virtual is a cost-efficient, eco-friendly alternative.

2. End-to-end Application Management

With admissions management software, you can set up a dedicated student application portal for applicants to use for their admissions journey. You will also be able to build customizable application forms that obtain all the necessary information about the applicant. Applicants can register on the portal, fill out their application forms and attach supplementary documents and view the status of their applications online. Admissions teams will then be able to process these applications remotely, reducing the time and effort required to evaluate applications. They will also no longer have to send constant reminders to each applicant about incomplete or incorrect information due to document verification measures being implemented.

3. Continuous Communication

By implementing an admissions management system, you will have access to a variety of digital tools and resources to stay in touch with applicants. Chatbots enable applicant queries to be received and addressed on time. Applicants can seek chat support about issues related to their application, irrespective of school office hours, and will also receive deadline alerts enabling them to submit completed applications on time. With enhanced communication capabilities, the institution’s management can keep applicants and their parents informed about the progress of their application, increasing transparency about the whole process.

4. Marketing Automation

With an increase in the number of schools and colleges that students can apply to, institutions have to showcase exactly what makes them the better choice. This means that the marketing and outreach activities undertaken by the institution will be crucial to the degree of success in meeting their admissions targets. The ability to automate all marketing operations is one of the central benefits of admission management software. With an automated marketing process, you will be able to target and prioritize leads that are most likely to convert, across a variety of channels. For instance, AdmitNXT’s admission management software uses AI-based technology to provide actionable insights about key target groups and compile smart lead lists for effective outreach activities. With a user-friendly interface, your admissions team can use these reports and insights to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about their marketing strategy, ensuring that there is a high return on investment from all marketing activities.

5. Streamlined Evaluation Process

With admissions software in place, the entire evaluation process becomes simplified for all stakeholders. Applicants can pay their application fees online and receive auto-generated admit cards to take their evaluation exams. Live proctoring features ensure that there is adequate monitoring of applicants during online examinations, preserving the integrity of the institution’s admissions process. The admissions team will be able to evaluate their tests and schedule interviews efficiently.

6. Post Application Management

Once the application has been processed and final acceptance letters have been sent out, the admissions team still has to ensure that those applicants will enroll as students. Implementing admissions management software will ensure that these prospective students will receive counseling and support from the school or university, whether it is regarding their academic options, scholarship opportunities, fee payments, etc.

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