Silos and collaboration in Education

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The standard admissions lifecycle consists of many stages. From outreach, engagement and communication to application processing and enrollment, nurturing a prospective student from their first interaction til their onboarding is a process that demands organization, coordination and collaboration. 

While several institutions have risen to the challenges posed by manual or partially digitized processes, admissions teams are also faced with the prospect of managing numerous sources of engagement in varied formats. 

The admissions process, more than other administrative functions, requires clear communication to reduce errors and increase efficiency. However, this is often difficult to achieve due to the presence of silos at every stage. Often, crucial data is not transferred from one department to the other and teams are not able to easily identify what stage each prospect is at. Due to this, there is no way to ensure that processes are running smoothly.

While siloes are hard to avoid when each team has specific and crucial functions to carry out, by centralizing tech, in the form of a robust admissions management platform provides an effective intervention. A good admissions management solution gives you access to a bird’s eye view of your organization, enables you to send communication across media sources and collect data at every stage. It gives you a 360 degree view into each and every prospect, right from their application to documents and more. This allows you to standardize, categorize, and give access to teams easily. 

By enabling role based access control within your organization, stakeholders have complete oversight into who has access to what data, and can easily change permissions. Over and above that, teams are not dependent on physical proximity in order to work collaboratively, and the transfer of data is easy, and less error prone. 

An efficient platform enables your team to keep detailed logs and records, reducing chances of data mismatch and duplication, and also gives you visibility into how students are interacting with your institute in real time. This includes their interests, their likelihood of taking admission in your institute, and more. These details, when shared accurately with relevant teams, can be interpreted to give insights, and lead to data driven decision making  on communication strategy, targeting, fees & even on courses offered. 

A significant factor in how an admissions management software enhances your institution’s ability to offer a better enrollment experience is how well you engage with your prospects right from the first touchpoint. This gives you the advantage of having available resources to manage greater numbers, recruit more students and spend time on innovation and evaluation rather than on mundane operational tasks. 

Visit to understand how this AI First Admissions solution can help your teams by equipping them with the right tools to succeed.

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