How to choose the right admissions software

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If you have been exploring different digital solutions for your institution, you may be wondering where to begin. Edtech/Education technology solutions exist in plenty and are meant to help institutions such as yours manage your classrooms, fees, content and more.
When it comes to admissions, you may have realized that your team is not able to complete all the functions essential to student recruitment, no matter how efficient they are. When considering the sheer amount of data mined from outreach efforts, and the different processes this data has to go through in order to be useful to different teams, manual processes are the flea that tries to defeat the elephant. Without much luck.
The solution seems to lie in the adoption of an admissions management solution that can adapt to meet your needs. Here are some essential questions to ask and why:

  1. Is this solution end-to-end?
    Does your admissions management software support you all the way to enrollments and fee payment? With increasing remote working nowadays, just lead generation and management is not enough. Unfortunately, crucial information does not always make it across silos and you could lose out on an interested student because their interview was not scheduled on time or your institution’s brand could suffer because your team was unable to get them crucial documents such as a hall ticket etc. in time. Admissions Management needs to tie in strongly with customer experience and your choice of platform could be the game changer.

  2. Is this solution modular?
    You may already be working with software that you like, and that your team finds easy to use. Or, you may have just begun on your digital adoption journey. You may also decide to use certain features and not others, choosing to add or remove services as you progress. Either way, the right platform should easily integrate with other software, giving you the flexibility to integrate solutions that are right for your institute needs.

  3. Is this solution AI-enabled?
    AI or Artificial Intelligence already plays a role in our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. Right from Google Maps telling you which route is the best at a particular time, or suggesting what music you may want to hear, AI is all about convenience. By bringing it into your admission process, it can help on multiple fronts. You getu insights about which leads are more likely to convert, what they are interested in, and what kind of messaging they are responding to. With these insights, you can engage them more effectively, and move them along the funnel from enquiry to enrollment. A platform that doesn’t offer you this advantage, will only help in digitizing data and sending out mass communication. It doesn’t provide you with the convenience of suggestions for what to do next, recommendations, predictive admissions, retargeting suggestions and more, resulting in a product that may not be working as hard for you as your teams are.

  4. Is this solution secure?
    Most admissions management software protects sensitive data from leakage and misuse. Data staying within an institute is a basic requirement of data capture. However, an admissions management platform that can also offer role based access within teams, allows you to control who has access to what data and how much of it, ensuring that you protect your prospects, as well as your institute’s data.

  5. Is this solution affordable?
    An efficient, right size data management solution that offers all the options of security, flexibility, lead and admissions management support you are looking for need not be expensive. In fact, a good solution may also offer after sales and training support so that your teams onboard quickly and you start seeing a change in your recruitment efforts in a short time, all at a price point that fits your expectations.
    Admissions Management is a crucial function for any institute, and the ensuing chaos during admissions season can lead to a loss of leads and revenue. While turning to digital solutions may seem a no-brainer, the right admissions management solution is the pivotal decision that needs to be taken. Ensuring that your educational institute delivers on experience as much as it does on reputation.

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