Five ways AdmitNXT helps you streamline your admissions management processes.

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Managing an education institution requires skill and superior management abilities. Coordinating every function from faculty to students as well as keeping pace with changing policy is by no means an easy task. Adding to this are the high levels of organization and coordination required by the admissions process. 

Typically, the admissions process combines several processes from marketing to the collection of details, documents and fee collection and more. Each of these has its own complications, such as the standardization and cleaning of data, standardizing document formats and consistent follow-ups, leading to overworked resources, and added expenses. 

The foundation of your institute’s success lies on admissions. The number of students soliciting admissions, the number of students who enroll and the number of them who graduate. This leads to more word of mouth, more referrals and a stronger reputation overall. This makes it imperative to find a software platform that manages your admissions processes completely, minimizing error, and maximizing your efforts. 

AdmitNXT is an AI first solution and transforms your institute’s numbers in the following ways. 

  1. Reach and retain your students. 
    AdmitNXT helps you understand what students are looking for, how to communicate with them via the channels they use most, and also identify which are more likely to enroll. With actionable data insights, you can ensure that your marketing spends are not wasted and efficiently increase your student base. All this with a leaner, more efficient team. The platform offers you the option of email, text, chatbot and automated calling among others. With these features, you can also continue to engage with prospective students, keeping them interesting in your institute until they enroll.

  2. Easily manage different teams
    With one unified dashboard, you get an overview of the status of each lead, assign leads to counsellors, trigger important communication to them, and perform crucial tasks such as lead scoring, view reports and analytics and also the status of their applications. From lead management to team efficiency, every point of your applicant’s journey is easily visible and managed. 

  3. Automate your application process
    The AdmitNXT system enables you to build application forms, manage student KYC, schedule entrance exams and interviews and generate checklists. With this platform you can view students’ applications, queries, and their status, and also manage their loans and loan status. The automation of all these processes reduces error, and also makes it easy for different teams to collaborate and ensure that no crucial data is lost or not transferred to the correct teams. This ensures that your institution does not lose leads, or make expensive mistakes. 

  4. No-fuss student-onboarding. 
    While the admissions cycle typically ends at fee-payment, several critical functions remain such as generation of student id, admit cards and hall tickets. AdmitNXT helps you automate these processes too, ensuring there is no lapse of time between the updation of your student data-base and the time they can actually begin as part of your institution. In addition to speeding up the entire process, it leads to a positive brand experience, and improves your institution reputation. 

  5. Hit the ground running. 
    You may already be using a combination of software to help you manage your institute, and with people’s high comfort level with the systems, it’s possible that you feel reluctant to make big changes. This is why AdmitNXT makes absolute sense for you. It integrates easily with your existing systems and significantly reduces your cost of change. 


Getting an admissions management software platform may seem like a big decision, however, choosing the right will noticeably impact your teams’ productivity, expense and your ability to deliver a better experience to all your stakeholders.

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